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CONSTANCES - Cohorts of France

Short description of background, aims, hosting institution:

The CONSTANCES cohort is designed as a randomly selected representative sample of French adults aged 18-69 years at inception, where probands will be included over a five-year period. At inclusion, the selected subjects are invited to fill a questionnaire and to attend a Health Screening Center (HSC) for a comprehensive health examination: weight, height, blood pressure, electrocardiogram, vision, auditory, spirometry, and biological parameters; for those aged 45 years and older, a specific work-up of functional, physical, and cognitive capacities is performed. A biobank will be set up. The follow-up includes a yearly self-administered questionnaire and a visit to an HSC in 5 year-intervals. Social and work-related events and health data will be collected from the French national retirement, health and death databases. The data that will be collected include social and demographic characteristics, socioeconomic status, life events, behaviors, and occupational factors. The health data will cover a wide spectrum: self-reported health scales, reported prevalent and incident diseases, long-term chronic diseases and hospitalizations, sick-leaves, handicaps, limitations, disabilities and injuries, healthcare utilization and services provided, and causes of death.

To take into account non-participation at inclusion and attrition throughout the longitudinal follow-up, a cohort of non-participants will be set up and followed through the same national databases as participants.

Recruitment started in 2012.

Constances is administered by Université de Versailles Saint Quentin and INSERM (Institut national de la santé et de la recherche médicale).

Main focus of research:

Causes of and major risk factors for disease; changes over time of the health of the French population and the socioeconomic environment.

Approximate number of probands:

2013: 30,000, final: 200,000.

Types and number of biosamples available:

DNA, serum, plasma, urine;
2014: 300.000, final: 1.000.000.


Dr Marie Zins
Pr Marcel Goldberg
Plate-forme de recherche - Cohortes en population
U 1018 Inserm-UVSQ
Hopital Paul Brousse
16 avenue Paul Vaillant Couturier
Bâtiment 15/16
Phone : +33 01 77 74 74 26

Contact for BBMRI-LPC:

Emmanuelle Rial-Sebbag

Further information:

Marie Zins, Sébastien Bonenfant, Matthieu Carton et al: The CONSTANCES cohort: an open epidemiological laboratory. BMC Public Health 2010, 10:479.

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