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DECODE - Cohort of Island

Short description of background, aims, hosting institution:

DeCODE genetics is a global leader in analyzing and understanding the human genome.
In our gene discovery work in Iceland, we have gathered genotypic and medical data from volunteer participants comprising well over half of the adult population. Using Iceland's uniquely comprehensive genealogical records, deCODE has also put together a genealogy database covering the entire present day population and stretching back to the founding of the country more than 1000 years ago. The combination of size of the population, the generous participation of so many people in our discovery work, the genealogies, and high quality universal healthcare make possible very large-scale studies of virtually any common disease. At the same time, our work minimizes the selection bias that confronts research in larger, more stratified populations, and enables us to impute or predict genotypes using the genealogies, multiplying many-fold the amount of data that we can derive from genotyping and sequencing.

Main focus of research: genetic risk factors for common diseases; genealogy database of the Icelandic population.

Approximate Number of probands: 120,000

Types and number of biosamples available: blood, DNA, ca. 240,000 samples (120,000 each).


Unnur Thorsteinsdottir
deCODE genetics
Sturlugata 8
IS-101 Reykjavik

Tel: +354 570 1900
Fax: +354 570 1903

Contact for BBMRI-LPC:

Kari Stephansson, address see above.

Further information: see DeCODE genetics website

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