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LifeLines - Cohorts of The Netherlands

Short description of background, aims, hosting institution:

LifeLines is an observational follow-up study in a large representative sample of the population of the northern provinces of the Netherlands covering three generations. A random sample of persons aged between 25 and 50 years were invited to participate. Subsequently these probands invited their family members if present to take part as well (parents, partner, parents in law, children), resulting in a three-generation study. This design has statistical advantages (increased power and precision, multiple-level information, separation of non-genetic and genetic familial transmission, direct haplotype assessment), enables unique possibilities to study social characteristics (socioeconomic mobility, partner preferences, between-generation similarities), and offers practical benefits (lower non-response).

The cohort study started in 2006. The participants are called in for an examination once every five years. During this examination at set times, they are asked to complete detailed questionnaires about illness, lifestyle, health, use of medicines, eating habits, etc. In addition, various parameters are measured including blood pressure, weight, height, lung function, heart function and biosamples are taken. The LifeLines project will follow-up the participants for 30 years.

Main focus of research: influence of (epi)genetic, biomedical, environmental and psychosocial factors on healthy ageing, disease development, and general well being.

Approximate number of probands: 165,000: ca. 45,000 probands, 30,000 partners, 55,000 parents (in law) and 35,000 children.

Types and number of biosamples available: Blood, Urine; ca 5,000,000 samples.


Secretariaat LifeLines
e-mail: lifelines[at]
Tel. +31(0)50 - 361 11 13
Fax: +31(0)50 - 361 91 40

Contact for BBMRI-LPC:

Ronald Stolk
University Medical Center Groningen
P.O. Box 30001
Groningen, Groningen, 9700 RB
tel: +31-50-361-1879

Further information:

LifeLines website

Information on questionnaires:

Catalogue of baseline variables:

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