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BBMRI-LPC Biobanks

Catalogue of LPC-biobanks:

Here you get detailed information on available samples and data from each participating cohort, as well as information on samples planned to be collected until 2016.

You can use your personal account to log in if you are a member of BBMRI-LPC, otherwise you can log in as a guest.

The catalogue of LPC-biobanks opens in a new window:

Please note:
You will find information on EPIC and MORGAM under “networks of biobanks”. Information on UK Biobank and SSI is currently not available in the catalogue. Please refer to the description under “participating cohorts” on this website (links to cohort websites and contact information can be found there) and contact the cohorts directly for more details.

An introduction on how to use the biobank portal can be seen here (Flash movie in new window):

BBMRI-LPC Biobanks
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